Sunday, June 15, 2014

Conspicuously Quiet...

I've been chewing up all my free time this week cutting, edging and gluing, and I'm almost done... I've set out to put together a "complete" set of pieces for the Fat Dragon Games EZ-Dungeons Deluxe Edition. I've been so focused on trying to come up with an alternative to the Fat Dragon way of building things that it's really bogged me down. So, I decided to throw my biases away and just build the darned thing.

It's coming out pretty nice, too.

I must have about 100 pieces assembled. If not 100, pretty close. I might yet need more walls, but I figure I've got plenty now to get started.

In the process, I'm cleaning up whatever available cutfiles I can find for this stuff, and I'm making new ones if they don't exist. I'll say this - the WWG stuff was pretty well tested before it was sent out. The FDG stuff? Well, hopefully the newer stuff will be more consistent. It's frustrating when there are bits that COULD have fit within registration marks, but just didn't. It's also frustrating when the cutlines in the model work great if you're not using the EZ-Lock holes, but if you do, then it's probably the wrong way to cut the models. And why not include cutfiles with the models? Instead, I'm relying on community-created cutfiles. I'm fixing the errors I find as I go. I'm standardizing the colors to at least match the colors of score and cutlines (they were inverted, which was horribly confusing) and I'm renaming them after the actual files they go along with.

I'm just whining. The cutfiles available did save me a little time, though the new Silhouette Studio software is a pain and doesn't open old GSD files correctly (they don't have reg mark info!) so I had to tweak all the files anyway. Still, having most of the lines laid out was a time saver.

So, pictures to come. I've got a fresh new pack of pins to hold it all together. I just need to whip up some tiles now!

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