Thursday, June 5, 2014

Elven Papercraft Tower & Wall Set

This project really has my attention. The folks at Lord Zsezse Works really produce some amazing textures, and here they're working on a set that is somewhat modular, looks gorgeous, and is - most of all - different than what other terrain makers have done or are doing. The Kickstarter campaign is doing well so far. If you haven't checked it out, please do, and consider helping them out.

To get things started, they've released a FREE model "Elven Ruined Sanctuary". You can pick up a copy here:

For only a $1 pledge to their campaign, you'll get the ruined sanctuary in all four of their planned textures.

But, take a good look at the video they've made, and it will hopefully show off why buying into this new set is a good idea. If you're not familiar with their Elven Mill product, check that out too. You can snag it as an $8 add-on to your pledges, and it includes the four textures that you'll see on the tower and walls. Scroll down on the kickstarter page to see those textures. They are four totally different sets of textures for EVERYTHING. So, I'm looking forward to not just getting ONE massive castle set out of this, but at least FOUR! Of course, if they hit the $7500 mark, they're planning a FIFTH texture set!

Good stuff.

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