Thursday, June 5, 2014

Elven Ruined Sanctuary

The free promo product for the Elven Tower and Walls Set by Lord Zsezse Works was made available recently, and Oldschooldm published some cutfiles for it on the Cardboard Warriors forum, so I jumped right on it and got to work!

This is but one of the four textures you'd get if you bought into their kickstarter campaign for even just $1.  It comes with two benches and an altar of sorts.

I've added a couple minis from Brave Adventures new set Undead Warband. 10 really detailed standees ready to print, and they've got cutfiles to boot. Here's a closer shot of what evil is going on in there:

I am NOT a photographer, now am I?  Oh well. My phone is not a camera either, so I don't feel that bad. I'll try to take better pictures with more scenery when I have time. I assembled this whole thing this morning before heading into work. Couldn't do that without a robocutter!

Check out Lord Zsezse Works and Brave Adventures.

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