Thursday, July 31, 2014

Roof, round two

I got home from work and rushed to print and cut the roof and truss pieces I designed last night. They worked perfectly!

Here's a shot of the slot and tab  I used this time. It holds in place very well on the truss, though it might feel a little clumsy setting it up.

Here's a lousy shot of the slots on the truss:

I'd like to try the same setup, but rather than a slot and tab, I'll try one or two tabs, and see if it still holds in place well.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

One step back... two steps forward!

It turns out, I apparently told GIMP to not save ANY of my work last night. Not a thing. So, I had to start over from scratch. I managed to get the one end truss redone, and I changed the template quite a bit. It has a peak to it, rather than following the TLX style of having a flat top. It also has an extra slot that I hope will allow me to keep the roof piece anchored in place better, and make way for a possible system for adding an overhang. I redid the one roof style as well. I found an interior texture from another building set, so the roof hopefully will work a little better. I again redid the template from scratch, so I think the tabs are shaded better, and there's an extra flap at the top that I hope will help cover the top edge where two roof pieces join up. We'll see. I was having a devil of a time trying to measure everything correctly.

Sadly, my two hours of play time is over now, and I won't have the time to print and build tonight... If I'm lucky, my kids won't want to play on the computer tomorrow morning (hah, right) so I'll be able to print out some pages before going into work.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Roof Redesign Redux

Taking another stab at simplifying the TLX roof templates, and I thought I'd post some pics of what I did this evening.

What you're looking at there is my TLX version of Fat Dragon Games' Dragonshire sets. I'll post more about that later, as I build out more of the templates, but for now, I'll focus on the roof.

 I made up a new template similar to a TLX truss, but in this case, there's a notch on the outer edge of the truss, not the inner edge. This lets the roof slot in and obscure the face of the truss that would otherwise be textured like the roof. It's almost like how the roof attaches for SwiftScenics builds from WWG, but in this case, I'm sticking to a two-part roof.

Here's a roof and two trusses. They lay out flat, because I don't need to make the trusses boxy.

I'm making another roof piece now, and then I'll find some time later in the week to make smaller 3" trusses so I can finish my little building. The benefits I see are this:

1) Trusses will not be specific to a roof texture. My roof pieces are now usable on any truss.
2) They are faster to build. It's a single sandwich fold like the TLX walls, plus a couple small notches.
3) They take up less space. They are as flat as the walls.
4) They are easier to kitbash. There's less texture to try to line up.
5) I can convert older sets pretty quickly.

Downsides? I'm sure there are some. I'll let you know when I figure that out.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Okumarts cutfile roundup

I'm using this post as a living document to list the Okumarts sets I've made cutfiles for. The links will take you to the Cardboard Warriors forum where you can download the cutfiles.

Axes and Anvils Set 1 - Dwarf Adventurers
Beasts & Barbarians Hero Construction Set
Beasts & Barbarians Set 2 - Nandals and Cultists
Contraption Set 1 - The Black Unicorn vs Thugs
Dark Age of Adventure Set 1 - Vikings
Darkfast Classic Fantasy Advanced Classes - Ducks
Darkfast Classic Fantasy Bonus Set 1 - Fae is Fowl
Darkfast Classic Fantasy Set 1 - Orc Tribe
Darkfast Classic Fantasy Set 2 - Wood Elves
Darkfast Classic Fantasy Set 3 - Goblins and Hobgoblins
Darkfast Classic Fantasy Set 4 - Ogres
Darkfast Classic Fantasy Set 5 - Dungeon Explorers
Darkfast Classic Fantasy Set 6 - Crypt Crawl
Darkfast Classic Fantasy Set 7 - High Elves
Darkfast Classic Fantasy Set 8 - Dark Elves
Darkfast Classic Fantasy Set 9 - Tree Folk
Darkfast Dungeons: Basic Game
Darkfast Dungeons - Gazebo Promo
Darkfast Dungeons - Green Knee Promo
Darkfast Dungeons - The Potato Salad That Ate Kickstarter
Darkfast Dungeons Props Set 1 - Forgotten Tombs
Darkfast Dungeons Props Set 2 - Lost Treasures
Darkfast Dungeons Props Set 3 - Fine Furnishings
Mini Playset - Assorted Supers
Mini Playset - Frosty Encounter
Mini Playset - Panicked Civilians
Retro Space Set 1 - Space Patrol
Retro Space Set 2 - The Imperiax
Retro Space Set 3 - Invaders
Retro Space Set 4 - Space Hero Squad
Retro Space Set 5 - The Metal Legion
Retro Space Set 6 - Space Pirates
Save the Day - Test Drive Play Test Adventure
Save the Day - Ninja Clan Glitter Play Test Adventure
Serene Fist Set 1 - Monks vs Bandits
Serene Fist Set 2 - Ninja vs Samurai
Serene Fist Set 3 - Ninja vs Samurai 2
Serene Fist Set 4 - Katana Schoolgirls vs Zombie Furries
Spot of Bother Set 1 - Royal Highland Guards
Spot of Bother Set 2 - Top Secret Base
Where No Man Has Gone Before Alien Life Forms 1
Where No Man Has Gone Before Set 1 - Away Team
Where No Man Has Gone Before Set 2 - Landing Party
Where No Man Has Gone Before Set 3 - Klingons
Where No Man Has Gone Before Set 4 - Romulans
Where No Man Has Gone Before Set 5 - Rerun
Whiplash Trigger Set 1 - Gunslingers
Whiplash Trigger Set 2 - Western Posse
Whiplash Trigger Set 3 - Unlikely Heroes
Whiplash Trigger Set 4 - Plains Nations

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Eledriel's Cloister

Complete! Here are some pics of it built:

I will say, it's a beautiful and sturdy model. I messed up one of the ramps, but it's still usable - I glued the back piece upside-down. There were little bits that gave me trouble - setting the hang of attaching the roof... assembling the pedestal... the benches! But, it all came together in the end, and it looks GREAT.

Now on to some okumarts cutfiles so I can try out his skirmish game!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A new toy has arrived

I entered myself into a drawing for a Silhouette Cameo as part of the Lord Zsezse Works elven wall kickstarter, and won! The Cameo arrived on Thursday, but it was too large to fit in the space I was using for my older Silhouette SD. So, I spent Thursday and Friday adding some shelf space to my desk, and this morning I prepped my printer (that's another story...) for some serious cutting this weekend.

I'm starting with Eledriel's Cloister, a model Lord Zsezse Works released to tease the elven wall set. It's 8 pages, and I think it's their first set where they've included cutfiles, so this will be fun to try out!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A little overboard with the ninjas!

I put together cutfiles for Serene Fist Set 3 - Ninjas vs. Samurai 2 by okumarts.  The figures are really wonderful, but I might have gone overboard by printing out every color:

That right there is the pile of figures in the process of being edged. I'm done with the edging, and onto gluing, but I've only finished maybe 24 of them. Still lots to go. I think I'll start working through the other Darkfast sets in preparation for the successful release of the Darkfast Dungeons kickstarter. He's released a quick skirmish version of the rules, and it didn't look like those pages were cutter-ready, so maybe THAT should be my next set of files.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Beasts & Barbarians

 The Beasts & Barbarians: Hero Construction Set is a great collection of standees by Okumarts. The PDF uses lots of layers to let you choose from three different head, body and leg styles for each of 12 figures. That's... 324 minis? Ok. So, you're not going to go and make all 324. But, it lets you make them just the way you want them, and the variations are great enough that you might just make more than one of each.

 I don't enjoy cutting out standees by hand, but this set proved to be a fun challenge for making cutfiles. I wanted to make cutlines for each layer, allowing me to be as selective for cutting the figures as I can be for creating them.

 So, there are 108 labelled and color-coded cutlines to let you choose which combination of pieces to cut. I've only done one page so far, so I can't promise that all the cutlines will work perfectly. Still, I'm reasonably confident that they'll be a lot better than cutting by hand.

The cutfiles are available over at the cardboard-warriors forum. If you give them a try, let me know if you have any issues. The only thing I am aware of is that there are two layer options that don't fit within the cutting region, and may not even fit within the margins for printing.

Happy cutting!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Leaving the dungeon for a while

I'll declare success. Like Fat Dragon Tom suggested over on his forums, I eventually did get the feel for how large to cut out the squares on the tiles so the columns squeeze in snugly, but not too snug. In the end, I made about eight 6" tiles and they work well.

I've let myself get sidetracked onto building some standees. I had a whole slew of Brave Adventures minis cut out from the very nice Undead Warband and a few minis from a previous cardboard-warriors Garden of Doom (Hoard #115). I finally got around to making cutfiles for the Okumarts Darkfast Classic Fantasy Set Six: Crypt Crawl set, and so now those minis are ready to be glued. Lots of edging going on...

Right now I'm about half-way through making configurable cutfiles for the Okumarts Beasts & Barbarians: Hero Construction Set figures. That set allows you to customize 12 figures, each with three different heads, torsos and legs. I think that works out to 324 possible minis - 27 pages of little barbarians. The cutfiles will have selectable head, torso and leg cutlines, and in theory you can pick just the ones that match your minis and you'll be all set. Sadly, Okumarts doesn't put registration marks on his pages, and he doesn't stay within the necessary margins, so some minis won't completely cut out (but it'll be close enough!). It means you'll have to print your desired combination to a PDF, extract the page to a PNG or JPG, drop it into the cutfile and print from there to get your registration marks. Boooo. I'm going to beg him to re-release the set with some tweaks.