Thursday, July 3, 2014

Leaving the dungeon for a while

I'll declare success. Like Fat Dragon Tom suggested over on his forums, I eventually did get the feel for how large to cut out the squares on the tiles so the columns squeeze in snugly, but not too snug. In the end, I made about eight 6" tiles and they work well.

I've let myself get sidetracked onto building some standees. I had a whole slew of Brave Adventures minis cut out from the very nice Undead Warband and a few minis from a previous cardboard-warriors Garden of Doom (Hoard #115). I finally got around to making cutfiles for the Okumarts Darkfast Classic Fantasy Set Six: Crypt Crawl set, and so now those minis are ready to be glued. Lots of edging going on...

Right now I'm about half-way through making configurable cutfiles for the Okumarts Beasts & Barbarians: Hero Construction Set figures. That set allows you to customize 12 figures, each with three different heads, torsos and legs. I think that works out to 324 possible minis - 27 pages of little barbarians. The cutfiles will have selectable head, torso and leg cutlines, and in theory you can pick just the ones that match your minis and you'll be all set. Sadly, Okumarts doesn't put registration marks on his pages, and he doesn't stay within the necessary margins, so some minis won't completely cut out (but it'll be close enough!). It means you'll have to print your desired combination to a PDF, extract the page to a PNG or JPG, drop it into the cutfile and print from there to get your registration marks. Boooo. I'm going to beg him to re-release the set with some tweaks.


  1. I'm still unsatisfied with both the way Fat Dragon puts those pieces together and the way TLX uses anchors. Man, I hate anchors. I'm not sure what a better solution would be, though. I'm messing around with magnets at present to try to find a better option.

  2. The lure of magnets is hard to resist. The thought of just having flat tiles that 'click' together and look so clean and tidy... *drool* I'm just not sure I want to commit to having such specialized materials for builds. That's the challenge of an all (save for foamcore) paper system... I've been sketching out ideas for a magnet-based system, too. I have a friend with access to laser cutters, so I'm thinking about how I might take advantage of that...