Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Roof Redesign Redux

Taking another stab at simplifying the TLX roof templates, and I thought I'd post some pics of what I did this evening.

What you're looking at there is my TLX version of Fat Dragon Games' Dragonshire sets. I'll post more about that later, as I build out more of the templates, but for now, I'll focus on the roof.

 I made up a new template similar to a TLX truss, but in this case, there's a notch on the outer edge of the truss, not the inner edge. This lets the roof slot in and obscure the face of the truss that would otherwise be textured like the roof. It's almost like how the roof attaches for SwiftScenics builds from WWG, but in this case, I'm sticking to a two-part roof.

Here's a roof and two trusses. They lay out flat, because I don't need to make the trusses boxy.

I'm making another roof piece now, and then I'll find some time later in the week to make smaller 3" trusses so I can finish my little building. The benefits I see are this:

1) Trusses will not be specific to a roof texture. My roof pieces are now usable on any truss.
2) They are faster to build. It's a single sandwich fold like the TLX walls, plus a couple small notches.
3) They take up less space. They are as flat as the walls.
4) They are easier to kitbash. There's less texture to try to line up.
5) I can convert older sets pretty quickly.

Downsides? I'm sure there are some. I'll let you know when I figure that out.


  1. Awesome idea. I always thought TLX roof design was rather odd that part of the roof texture was on the trusses. I have yet to make any roofs, but I gotta think this simpler approach would be better.

  2. Is this how your Atlantis TLX roofs designed?

  3. Alas, no. And, I haven't really finished this roof redesign project. It was the process of making the Atlantis roofs that I became most frustrated with the truss system, because I knew I wouldn't be able to use other roof textures. It seemed very un-TLX-like. I think where I last ended up was that I wanted to have my trusses still much more like TLX trusses, where you have post-like boxes for the roof to slip into, but just move the slot to the outer edge. I've been side-tracked making other things, but I have several new sets with roofs planned, and so maybe that will be a good time to see these ideas to completion.

    1. Looking forward to them, great idea and improvement