Thursday, August 7, 2014

Roof system comparison: old vs new

I love posting pictures when I can. Here are some pictures of a TLX roof:

That right there is TLX. I want to point out a couple things before I bring up my new way of doing things:

1) It really doesn't hold together all that well on its own. If I handle this roof structure too much, the roof pieces shift a lot and generally look a bit wonky when put back on the building.
2) It's all textured. There's no unfinished parts showing with TLX. They really knock that one out of the park.
3) It's pretty easy to put together and take apart.

So, here's roughly the same picture, but with my roof pieces:

Here's some pros and cons:

1) It's a little faster to assemble than TLX. Maybe. Maybe not. I think there's a little less to cut out, and maybe a little less to glue. But maybe not when you take into account the support beam part.
2) It's really sturdy. Once the parts are locked in, you can move it around pretty well and it just feels like one solid piece.
3) The lines are pretty clean. You don't see caps on the face of the roof like you do with TLX, but there are some slight gaps between the roof and truss.
4) The trusses are now interchangeable with roofs! I can use a Shellendrak roof with a Thoumont's truss! This was the whole point.
5) There are some untextured bits. I could try to remedy this, but I'm not sure it's worth it. Maybe just texturing the truss flaps would be enough.
6) It's a little harder to assemble and take apart.

Overall, I'm considering it a win. I'm waiting to hear some more responses from other people about how they feel the assembly is before I make any more progress. Back to cutting out Okumarts minis!

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