Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Joys of Ravenfell

For the last couple of nights, I've been putting together some of the buildings from the Ravenfell: Core Set by Fat Dragon Games. I may complain about some of the little details of the packaging of the set, but overall, I find the fold-flat nature of the buildings and the assembly process to be really fun. I've put together four buildings so far. Some of them seem more suitable for use with the interior floor plans than others - for example, building #2 (I think) in the set has a two-story building and roof that's easy enough to get into, but there's also an attached four/five-story tower that you're not going to have access into. Also, I haven't tried folding EVERYTHING flat yet, but for the most part, it really breaks down nicely. I'm using paperclips inside the roof pieces to hold them down, and it works plenty well enough.

I am finding this method enjoyable enough that I am thinking of applying these ideas to some Dave Graffam buildings. I love all these buildings, but storing them is impossible - I'm out of space! With this Ravenfell set, I might take a photo of the assembled building and store it with the collapsed building inside a hanging folder in my filing cabinet...

I highly recommend the set. It's a great mixture of buildings and a very nice fold-flat system.

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