Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Yet more progress on a roofing system

Here's some pictures of where I've arrived at. This is utilizing the two-slot method where the top slot is similar to a TLX tab that hooks onto the truss. The bottom slot is the smaller, plain tab that fits into place. The thing that I improved was to move the slot down lower on the truss flap, so it really stays in place quite well.

Here's a shot of the 6" and 3" roof playing well on my TLX version of some Dragonshire parts.

And here are the pieces resting comfortably on the desk. I will apply some real textures to them now, and I'll make the pieces without the overhangs, too.

One thing I realized was that the flaps I had created at the top to overlap one another and cover up any gap works well when they're tucked into the truss. By folding them inward, they press up against each other and make the build look even cleaner.

Next step is to make up a template for a middle truss, on the assumption that two end trusses back-to-back won't be pleasing enough. Then the angled pieces, which should be interesting.

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