Sunday, September 14, 2014

Applying the Ravenfell fold-flat system to Dave Graffam buildings

One thing I really love about Dave Graffam buildings is that they are the perfect way to get back into crafting. They're all fairly straight-forward to build, and always look fantastic. The only real problem I have is space. His buildings tend to be static buildings with no interiors (with some exceptions). I've been away from crafting for a couple weeks now - first a crazy work week, then a vacation week, then a crazy work week, then away on business... Well, now I am getting back into crafting.

Rather than try to find yet another little shelf to display a building, I'm instead trying to apply the fold-flat system that works so well for Ravenfell buildings. I'm starting with the Apothecary of Rake's Corner. Sadly, my printer is giving me fits, and the black just isn't printing right. It's frustrating when the blacks turn to purple on the page... Sigh...

So, right now I'm slowly trying to get the pages printed, and then I'll start making cutfiles. Assembly will take no time, in comparison.

Update: I spent the afternoon soaking my printer's print head in rubbing alcohol to clean it out, hoping this would improve the consistency of the printing. I'm still finding that the bottom of the page isn't printing black all that well. Sigh. I'm doing a lot of sighing in order to prevent throwing the printer out the window.

So, this evening I printed out the walls, and realized that I didn't even try to make it a multi-level build. The main building is 2 stories tall, but I left it all as one piece. It's not terrible, but it means I'll have to get creative if I install a floor plan for the 2nd floor. The extension walls hooked on perfectly, but I miscalculated where to put the tabs on the roof, so I'm redoing that. It's probably all I'll get done tonight, but it's looking kind of good! And, it all folds flat!

Update #2: I spent the evening printing and making cutfiles for the roof and dormers. Darn it all if it didn't come out perfect! The dormers that get fixed to the walls on the 2nd floor now slot into place, so the walls can fold flat. The roof works like a Ravenfell roof would. If I wanted to go crazy (and I might) I may go ahead and do the following:

1) Cover up the 1st floor wall section where the extension attaches, making that piece optional.
2) Ditto for the dormers - plain windows could go there.
3) Make the 1st and 2nd floors separate, so I could in fact make them both small buildings on their own (without the extension of course). It would also allow me to make a 3rd floor, for example.

Of course, I forgot to put in holes in the roof for the chimney...

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