Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Starting on the Outpost Tower

The walls around the camp are looking pretty good, so I'm starting to rough out ideas for an outpost tower. The plan right now is to harvest the walkway textures from Swampwood Village as an example of logs that are lashed together.

Not sure if I need more than the 3" tiles for this particular project. I'll leave it at this. I'm also not sure I like how the grids were done in the old system, but maybe... I'll either use the old grid, or maybe attach ropes along the grid lines, which may me more subtle.

Next will be the posts and walls. I'm thinking of using posts almost identical to the camp walls. That is, they'll be rough logs. I'm also thinking I'll use those logs for the walls, criss-crossed and attached with ropes. I will likely also have some railings, which will make these tiles hold in place nice and snug.

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