Thursday, October 23, 2014

Swampwood Village TLX kitbash

There were a couple threads on the WorldWorks forums talking about converting Swampwood Village to the TLX format. Doing the tiles is easy, assuming folks are OK with just scaling down the 7" tiles to 6". I have to make sure this will look good. If it looks too squished up against Hinterland Forests tiles, then I'll try to be clever about it. Converting the tiles is one thing. I'm also looking to convert the tree huts into TLX houses. Here are some pictures showing progress:

For tiles, I expect to do 3", hall and 6" tiles in the three grid formats. I separated the elements from the original hut tile so I can add/remove different elements:

I expect to also support round huts, so I'm going to have a 6" tile with a round hut base and grass on the corners. Additionally, I'll make a round hut (with TLX anchors) to support putting arc walls around it. That will allow raised huts...

For walls, I've again teased apart some elements, so I can move things around. I'm planning on 3", 6" and arc walls to start. No angled walls, double-height walls, etc. With it will be 2-way and 3-way posts. I have no plans to do 4-way posts, because I don't think they'll be useful for hut-building (any more than 2- and 3-way posts will be, combined).


  1. I'm really curious to see how you will handle the circular hut, especially those on trees, and if you'll be able to include circular balconies!

    1. I'm still in early thinking stages about this, but here's where I'm at on the subject.

      First, circular huts. I'm imagining three forms. The first is a 6" TLX tile with grass in the corners and a circular hut base in the middle. Using the arc walls, it should "just work". The second would be to have a 6" circle base, intended to be an elevated hut. The ladder I'll do for the Outpost Tower would work well here for getting into the hut. You can do whatever you want to raise the hut up. I'm thinking maybe using some 4-way posts under it, maybe with some of the walls from the Outpost Tower. The last would be to put the hut in a tree. For this, I am thinking you'd just use the original non-TLX circular base, and use the TLX circular tile (the one with anchors) in the middle. The original balcony/walkway textures would then work fine.

      Regarding balconies and walkways... I really don't like the TLX walkways. I first saw them in Lair of the Dragon God, and I modified them for the Altantis conversion so they could have railings on both sides. I found that the smaller tabs still held them plenty strong, but the TLX columns never looked great and didn't hold the walkways well. So, I'm still on the fence whether I want to bother with TLX walkways here.

      One option is for me to invent a TLX tab that would adapt the old-school walkway connectors to the TLX tiles. Then, you could use all the original walkways as-is. That would be great, because you could do the same for the old Atlantis tiles...

      Another option is for me to invent a modified TLX tab that might work on the ends of the walkways. The old walkways are 2" wide. I could suck it up and let them just not line up with the tile. Or, I could convert the walkways to 1" and 1.5" widths and just have a narrow slot on the end to let them hold together. You'd still need a support underneath, but I think that's easy to solve - make a simple inverted TLX anchor in the middle of a 1" square, and let it slot into the top of a TLX post. Then, just rest it under the walkway...

      I welcome thoughts...

    2. Doing some history, Swampwood Village was done after Platform Command, and uses most of that product walkway system.
      Then TLX came, and Sector Sigma was the first attempt do adapt Platform Command to TLX, so I suggest you have a look at Sector Sigma to see how it was done, especially as Sector Sigma has circular tiles, railings and balconies (in fact, quarter of a circle, which may be problematic)

  2. Looking great man, Id love to have this as a TLX kitbash for sure!
    BTW are you planning on revisiting your TLX Castle as a possible kitbash at some point?

  3. Shoot - I had forgotten all about the castle conversion! There's so much to that set, it'd be hard to pull off. I'd be totally open to making some conversion bashes of the buildings from that set, which would be nice in any environment. I also have the workings of bashes from the Undercrypt set - that set has a lot of interesting textures to work with.

    1. Anything would be great and I would buy most any TLX conversions