Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Swampwood Pharoah - a jungle temple

Just toying around right now - I did some sketches, and wanted to see if I could make a jungle temple. Here's a quick mockup combining a wall from Pharoah's Descent with the texture of the trees from Swampwood Village.

I want more moss hanging down in places, but this gets the idea across. I've got some ideas for how I will add some patterns to the stones and what not. You like?  Here's another type of wall. I did some bump mapping along the top, which I kind of like, sunk in an alcove which I kind of like, and found a pretty cool statue from Akshardham Temple in Delhi.

The moss would have to make a comeback. Or not. Here's a shot of the moss after I played with it a bit more:

So the whole thing is a little more green, a little more dripping with growth...

Ok. One last picture on this and I'm leaving it alone for a little while:

Lightened up the amount of moss there, but added some spattered all over. I also added some pattern along the bottom. I think that might be a keeper! I'm really liking it. Makes me kind of excited to know that I can probably now make things like archways with etched patterns on them

This also reminds me that I was never able to really pull off overgrown Himmelveil Street tiles, but this kind of moss would do the trick nicely.


  1. I like the last wall most.
    And the Ganesh-Cthulhu statue is great ! Is that hand drawn ??

  2. It's not hand-drawn, but certainly if I were going to hand-draw one, I'd start with that image. It's from a photo. I tried to clean it up and colorize it to fit in, though I think it's way too smooth, and it lacks depth. If nothing else, I'd probably add some noise to it, and selectively drop in some shadows... oh... duh... I just need to adjust the levels on the layer so that the existing shadows darken.