Monday, November 3, 2014

Scripting OpenOffice Draw - baby steps

A long time ago, I wrote this little macro that I bound to a keystroke, making it faster for me to set up my PDF files in OpenOffice Draw.

Sub Fixup_PDF_Page
  dim oPic as Object
  Dim size As New
  Dim pos As New
  oPic = ThisComponent.CurrentSelection(0)
End Sub

When I drag a page into OpenOffice Draw, I would have to set it to original size and move it to the top corner of the page. With this, I could select the image, hit my hotkey, and it would resize and position the picture for me.

Next step will be to point the program at a directory and have it just load all the images for me and do the export.

My dream is to be able to make the 6" tile textures, and within a few minutes regenerate the anchors and edges, export the images and make PDFs.

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