Friday, November 7, 2014

Update on the Swampwood Village TLX conversion

The plugin has helped quite a bit, actually, and I think I've got all my tiles done - the square ones at least. I've got 10 swamp terrain tiles in the three grids, with and without anchors. I'm reusing the anchor sheets, to that was three pages I could share. I've got four 6" tiles for huts, two pages of 3" tiles (so, four different tiles) and six hallway tiles (really three different tiles, but since the floor texture is directional, I needed to make hallway tiles running vertically and horizontally!). Each grid size necessitates different anchors, so that is two pages per grid system for anchors... I'm only doing 2-way and 3-way posts, so that's two pages there

I'm just sayin' - that's a lot of pages already. I haven't done the walls yet!

For the walls, I think I'm going to end up with five or six different pages for each size wall - 3", arc, and 6".

Because this is getting so big, I think I'll postpone doing the round elevated huts for another bash. Instead, I'll get the walls done over the course of the coming week, then move my attention to the roofs... That will be a mutli-week process. There's still a chance I can all or part of this submitted for a December release. No promises! Even if *I* can get a lot of it done, the poor kitbash judges need to look it all over and make sure I haven't made any mistakes...

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