Saturday, December 6, 2014

Trying walls using stock photos

Here's a quick attempt at a wall using some free-to-exploit photography.

Not too shabby! I can easily imagine the post textures to go with it. I made sure to make the wall texture really wide, so I could drop it on angled walls, too. It might be tough to make double-height walls from something like this.

Still, it's pretty trivial to make walls like this, so I'd like to get a couple done and see what a set might look like. There are a lot of options out there for windows, doors and other decorations. It's really a matter of me getting better at blending them with arbitrary walls.

I'll see about floors, too.

Friday, December 5, 2014

New GIMP script - Make Bricks

It's slow as molasses, but it works! I've got a script that will let me create a complete wall of blocks where the size of bricks and bevel are customizable. As I type this, I see it working away. The bevel plugin that's being used on each brick is what's painfully slow. I need to tweak it's smarts so the bricks are stacked a little better. I am shifting them on each level, but not by enough. I need to enforce some minimum shift.

Now that I have the basics down, I can work on adding some more features, such as gaps between the bricks or eroding the edges somehow to roughen them up. Maybe automatically, randomly, chip the edges of the bricks and stuff.

Trying my own thing - white marble

Just dabbling in GIMP, following some YouTube videos and seeing what kind of results they yield. Here's a simple white marble wall:

I think I might play around with some more GIMP scripting. It'd be neat to write a script that lets me pick the source layer, the dimensions of the bricks, the size of the beveled border, etc. It would randomly pick bricks out of the source, add the bevel, and place it on the wall. That would let me quickly experiment with different settings, and would let me quickly make base textures (like sandstone, marble, stone?) and turn them into bricks.

Along with this, I will try to make some different wall features, such as pillars, alcoves, windows, doors and door frames, etc. Maybe some decorative stuff?

Then I'll play with some grunge brushes, adding cracks and imperfections, stains etc.

I think it would be cool to come up with some base styles from which additional kitbashing could be done.