Saturday, December 6, 2014

Trying walls using stock photos

Here's a quick attempt at a wall using some free-to-exploit photography.

Not too shabby! I can easily imagine the post textures to go with it. I made sure to make the wall texture really wide, so I could drop it on angled walls, too. It might be tough to make double-height walls from something like this.

Still, it's pretty trivial to make walls like this, so I'd like to get a couple done and see what a set might look like. There are a lot of options out there for windows, doors and other decorations. It's really a matter of me getting better at blending them with arbitrary walls.

I'll see about floors, too.


  1. That looks really great. Are you using your new magic wall script ?

  2. This one isn't. For this wall, I just took some stock photos of a wall, did a fair amount of retouching and stitching, and applied it to the TLX templates I have. Then, I found a stock photo of a window, tried my best to color adjust it and blend it with the wall texture. The really hard part will be... what will be on the other side of the wall? What you don't usually get with stock photos are both the interior and exterior shots of walls... So, I'll have to spend a lot of time playing around.

    1. Find some stucco wall texture or something that would make sense for the interior and size it accordingly. Then just take the window as is and copy it for the inside (maybe a frame recolor), I think that would be plenty for the other side IMO. But looks cool!

  3. Yes, for the interior wall, you can cheat by deciding it's a painted wall so it doesn't have to match the exterior...