Saturday, January 24, 2015

Swampwood Huts submitted!

I've been spreading my time too thin, so updating on the progress of things takes a back seat. I'm still doing stuff! Today, I wrapped up the cutfiles for the Swampwood Hut TLX kitbash.

Not a very impressive picture, but I needed to snap something for the kitbash tumbnail. Here's an aerial shot:

Kinda fun. I left the the square huts open, for no particular reason. Maybe they're falling apart. The kitbash judges will surely find some suggestions to make, but until then, I'll start making progress on converting the cathedral!


  1. Looks excellent. Now will there be kit bashed swamp tiles?

    1. You mean, a TLX conversion of the swamp tiles?

    2. oh ok its a separate kitbash, cool. and again thanks for the great work