Saturday, February 21, 2015

I haven't thought this through yet, but an idea struck me...

So I had this image of posts 1/4" in size maybe and on the bottom would be a tab that stuck out in one direction. Then, tiles would be made such that the corners where the posts would go would be about 3 cardstock thicknesses lower than the rest of the tile. There'd be a riser attached to the cardstock that wraps the tile that is 2 layers of cardstock thick. It would be designed so that the tab on the bottom of the posts would slip under the texture and hopefully stay in place. Then, walls could be pinned to the posts, or maybe they'd slot together kinda TLX-like.

I'm thinking you could print a template onto plain copy paper and paste that into foamcore. That would give you a gluing guide for the corner textures and where to put the riser in the middle. Then, you'd rap the whole thing in cardstock.

Rather than having foamcore tabs to connect the tiles, just use 2x thickness cardstock tabs.

I realize anyone reading this probably can't follow my babbling, but I'll be able to remember it tomorrow, and I'll be able to try it out pretty quickly. Could this be a workable solution for having NO ANCHORS, and even NO TABS? That would mean just cutting the foamcore tiles square without notches for tabs... We'll see.


  1. I confirm : I don't understand a word of what you're saying... :)
    I just saw this :"tiles would be made such that the corners where the posts would go would be about 3 cardstock thicknesses lower than the rest of the tile"
    Does that mean taht instead of cutting the tile where the "link" tab should go, you'll have to dig your foamcore tile in the corner ?

    1. No digging into foamcore! In fact, no cutting the foamcore beyond making the square tile itself. In the corners of the tile, you'd put down a 1/4" square textured piece of cardstock. This would be where posts would rest. Also to the tile would be an untextured piece of cardstock that would be shaped specially so that there'd be a gap between it and the 1/4" textured piece. That gap will make room for the tab on the post. That untextured piece would be 2x layers thick. Finally, the whole tile will get wrapped in cardstock, but this layer will have the 1/4" corners removed from the top, so there'd be a hole down to the original textured corners we've added.

      So, the untextured layers added will lift the wrapping layer up above the corners we put down. When you want to add a post, you'd slip it's tab in under the wrapped layer, fitting into the gap under there.

      I'll be trying this out today, and I'll post pictures. There's always something that makes this sort of thing not work... I just have to try it to see what that thing will be. :)