Saturday, February 14, 2015

Inching along with the new tlx house

I did the grunt work today of getting all the layers in place, so I have the pieces parts for all the variants of the 6" wall. I started working on a floor tile, again using some stock photo base. I spent most of the time straightening things out and now I'm lining the boards up with 1" and 1.5" grids. After that, I'll drop in some seams and see how it looks.

The lower one was actually about where I was stopping, but then I tweaked the color because it was so darn yellow. So, I'll darken the lines that align with the grids, and will come up with seams that divide the boards.


  1. I like the two versions.
    Upper one sems more used and older.
    Lower one is more shiny and can be used for newer constructions.

    1. I'll keep both - not that much more work, I don't think... :)
      I'm thinking about what kinds of options I want on the floor. Originally I was thinking I'd just do the plain floors, but now it seems criminal not to have a couple options... I'm thinking maybe a trap door, a rug or two... I've never been a fan of bloodstains on the floors, but it should be pretty easy...

      I'm also wondering if it would make sense to NOT put these things right on the floor tile, but rather just have printable tokens to put on the floor. Like, I could make a 1" x 2" fire pit token. I could make tokens for the rug and trap door, too, and even one with a bloodstain or two.

      That would maybe eliminate the need to print and make a ton of tiles.


    2. I always preferred token as they are removable and one can place them where desired.

  2. I'm divided on this.
    Some sets have small details on every tile, which make it difficult if you need a lot of them. In that case, it's better to have token add-ons.
    But sometime, the token move, and in that case, it would have been better to have the tokens printed on the tile. So the two options have pro and cons.
    You definitely need to have empty tiles, but a few options is acceptable. Having those options and a few more also available as separated token is a great feature.