Thursday, February 12, 2015

More experimentation

I'll lead with the pictures, then go all long winded on you...

Ok... what is this all about? I'm going to try to get a simple TLX set together. House parts. A couple walls, a couple floors, and a roof. Nothing fancy. Maybe... MAYBE stairs. I want to see how long it will take me to put something simple together. I want it to be fairly small - maybe something worth only a couple bucks rather than the $10+ that most sets would go for. Am I hoping to sell this? Well...

... I mean, sure, it'd be neat if I could get a new product on the WWG storefront, but I also need practice with making this stuff. So, maybe. But I want to find out if people like what I'm doing, and I want some idea for how much effort needs to go into it. I figure a simple set like this might take me a week to put together.

The walls I've done today - we're talking maybe 2 hours of interrupted work using some free photography that's been bent to do my bidding. I'm not thrilled with the proportions of the beams. I think I'd make them all wider. But, it's not TERRIBLE. I will hunt down some things to hang on the wall and declare it more or less done. I will probably keep the textures similar on both sides, making interior walls sans stone, and I'll make archways, and different positions for the windows and doors. Can you say layers?

Making a roof is time consuming but not difficult. I've done it several times over, so I'm confident I can do that. I need some floors, but now that I've got my magic scripts, that's only a few minutes of work. Not sure what kind of floor I want, but probably wide wooden planks.

You like?


  1. I like what I see as well the idea of more WWG sets on the market.

  2. I like it also, but I'm not sure using free pictures is a solution : you won't be able to release them, at least not for a price.

    1. I've was as careful as I could be in reviewing the licensing agreement, and I don't think there's an issue with this. I have sent out an email with examples and descriptions of usage, but their FAQ has some pretty good examples that lead me to believe that it's all good. When I hear back, I'll have the official word. :)

    2. Just got back an explicit response to my very explicit description of what I'd be doing with the images. All they're asking for is a one-line attribution of the fact that some images came from them. I think that's a pretty generous license agreement that I'm OK with. :)