Saturday, February 21, 2015

Spent a few minutes on the floor

Just a quick update about where I'll be stopping with the floors. I'll do 3", 6" and hallway floors that include layers like this:

A little trap door, and some blood stains. I will possibly make layers to position the trap door in a place or two, but I'll also offer the door as a simple square cutout that you can put on an existing tile using some tacky stuff. The rug would be available as a layer in a place or two, but it'll also be a separate floor 'token'.

I should return back to doing 3" walls and posts next, but I'm done for the day!


  1. Are you planning on doing a 1.5" grid option as well? I am mostly using that, so I'd like to see it, if possible.

  2. I'm not sure about the red carpet. With red blood stains, it's a little too much. It could be useful to test some color variations...