Sunday, March 29, 2015

Most recent experiment with tiles

I need to fiddle with this a little more to see how well it will hold up, but here's what I just quickly tried:

I started with a 6" tile template that wraps around the foamcore. Before gluing down, cut small slits in the face for the post supports to go in. I basically cut one edge of the anchor glue spot area open (one of the edges NOT on the edge of the tile...) This let me slip in a special connector that the post would fit into. The fact that the edge of the tile template is 1/4" and the tile is less thick than that is actually helpful. There's a little space available to wiggle the connector into.

Don't glue the face of the tile down. Or, at least, only glue the middle of the face down - I don't want glue at the edges of the face. Glue the flaps down underneath.

It seems to work OK, but I want to try it out on a couple tiles, and I want to come up with my own post template too. Sadly, I threw out my back this morning, and it's getting uncomfortable to work for a long stretch...

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Getting serious

I've picked up some domain names, and am starting to set up a small online presence. I need to get some paperwork in order to call it a business, and then I'll start doing some branding. I'm still a ways off from getting a product ready for a storefront, but I needed to take that step to keep things going. Really, once the mental burden of tax season is over, I hope to pick up some steam.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Little freebie house textures are "done"!

Well, with the following caveats:

1) I need to make some instructions.
2) I need to turn it into a PDF file.
3) I'm considering adding some grunge and cracks to the walls.
4) I have no product branding. :(

#4 is the big sticking point now. I need to come up with a name.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Freebie is totally textured!

I wanted this to be a quick-and-dirty model to get an idea of what the textures would be like on the 'real thing', so I have a 2"x3" little house ready to go! It's two pages, and is designed to fold-flat. The roof is in two pieces, meant to pin together or glue. The trusses are meant to be pinned to the roof, or you can glue one or both in place. They slip into the first floor, which should fold flat. There are two simple floors that you can mount to foamcore, or glue together to make a double-sided piece, or simply leave them separate. Now I have to do the hard part...

I need to invent a name for what it is I'm doing, and I need to make some packaging (i.e. assembly instructions).

I might seek some interested private parties first, then release on the cardboard-warriors forum, then on DriveThruRPG. It's all free, but it'd get me a feel for some of the mechanics.

I wonder if one of the existing vendors would be willing to let me use their ground textures to make a base for the house...

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Progress on possible fold-flat freebie

So, here's what I was thinking... I was thinking I would take the walls I had already gotten done and whip up an easy-to-assemble fold-flat free model. A little 2"x3" house. No interiors or anything. So, I've got the walls and most of the trusses laid out. This week I'll try to find the time to make up a roof texture and actually assemble the thing.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Layered PDFs and performance

Anyone have any experience with making layered PDFs? I mean, I've done it before, but I have a PDF with 22 layers in it, and it's PATHETICALLY slow. I'm not sure if it's something about the file that Scribus made for me, or just that it's got so many layers.

All my layers are made of 8.5x11" PNG files that fill the whole page. Is that an issue? Would the performance be dramatically better if the images were smaller? Seems like it'd be a pain to line things up.

Advice is welcome. The alternative would be to make lots of pages of single-layer PDFs. I'm guessing a 20 page PDF with layers for just the registration marks would be faster than a 1 page PDF with 22 layers.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Totally new templates underway!

I'm working on hand-crafting templates for my own stuff now. Plugging away on the 3" wall sections right now, and they're looking pretty good. I'm not sure if I'll offer walls with a reinforced beam or not. I'm designing them into the template, but I may provide them as layers. I'm trying to do things 'right' by keeping cut and score lines on their own layer. It's also nice to finally work against a template where all the lines are clean and all the spacing is accurate. That's new for me. :)

So, the train rolls on. This weekend... 6" wall sections? Once that's done, I'll look into smaller wall sections - 1", 1.5", 2", 4", 5", and longer sections too. 4.24" and 8.28" are the angle lengths, but 7" and 8" lengths will work fine within the cut region.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What's behind door number 7?

Darker doors were requested, so I quickly fiddled with some contrast, saturation and what not. I'm not saying these are any good - I'm just posting them because I did them.

Again, just some door ideas. I think the darker they get, the less likely they will print well. I think the middle one kind of works. I think the top door needs to be bright and colorful. :)

One does not simply walk into more doors.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Opulent Oubliette

Someone on the WWG forums had wondered why the Oubliette set had no doors. It's a great question. There were no doors in The Garden either, if I recall correctly. No worry!

 [Example doors on Oubliette walls]

I went with a fancy door. Maybe this should go up in The Garden, and I'll choose another door for the dungeon... I just kinda liked how over-the-top it was. If folks have particular door styles they'd like to see, I can make some up.

Back to reality!

That is, back to what I know I can do. I've been working more on my new house textures, getting 3" wall layers in place. They're pretty much done! I think I will plug away at smaller length walls. I almost never have used the smaller walls, but they seem key to making more interesting floor plans. At least I know I can eliminate many of the wall options for these smaller wall pieces!

I messed up and made some bad assumptions on my 6" walls - discovered while I tried to massage the textures down to the 3" walls. Nothing too tragic, but there are seams in the textures because I had assumed some layers would have to be ON. Well, they don't have to be on, which means I have to eliminate some seams. So, that FIRST, then the smaller wall bits.

Soon up after that will be posts.