Monday, March 2, 2015

Back to reality!

That is, back to what I know I can do. I've been working more on my new house textures, getting 3" wall layers in place. They're pretty much done! I think I will plug away at smaller length walls. I almost never have used the smaller walls, but they seem key to making more interesting floor plans. At least I know I can eliminate many of the wall options for these smaller wall pieces!

I messed up and made some bad assumptions on my 6" walls - discovered while I tried to massage the textures down to the 3" walls. Nothing too tragic, but there are seams in the textures because I had assumed some layers would have to be ON. Well, they don't have to be on, which means I have to eliminate some seams. So, that FIRST, then the smaller wall bits.

Soon up after that will be posts.

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