Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A post about a post

I am going to start trying to focus myself in earnest in completing more templates for making my own modular builds. I'm afraid I might be wasting my time a bit, however. Assuming the good folks at Fat Dragon keep on keepin' on and Lord Zsezse Works gets their stuff together and releases their kickstarter wall set, that may very well cement the big, boxy build system as the standard... But, I'm not here to whine about that! I whipped up a corner post template and tried a quick untextured test on plain paper. I'm shooting for a single-layer of cardstock, not two. I'm not sure if it'll be sturdy enough... I hope so! I'll test that later. I tried a couple different things. The first was a basic square tube with slots for bits to slip into. This is compatible with some other modular build systems, so that's a plus. The second idea was moving the slot down so the tube wasn't cut on the top edge. It meant adjusting wall tabs a little bit, which sacrifices compatibility, but it allows me to make a piece that isn't quite as floppy up top. After that, I tried adding an actual cap. In the end, I'm not sure I like the modifications. It sacrifices compatibility and prevents some techniques for stacking pieces that I might come to regret. Of course, by making it 1 layer thick, I lose the ability to darken the interior of the post. So, I might regret that decision, too. I might end up back with a double-sided template using slots.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A whole month has come and (almost) gone...

It's been a lousy month, I'll be honest. It started out busy as usual, but was extra busy with tax season. After that, I got a lot of business paperwork straightened out, and was feeling optimistic now that I can 'do business as' - I even have my state and federal tax stuff ironed out, I think. Then I got some lousy family news which stressed me out. Then I got hit with even more lousy family news that knocked me into a pretty serious funk. Then I started physical therapy for a lame hip, and threw out my back. I suppose it's nice that when it rains, it pours. Gets everything over with quickly, and it always looks pretty after it rains. So, April is a bust. I'm taking a week of time to devote to family for school vacation week, and at that point, there just won't be much of April left, so I'll consider it total loss and focus on May.