Monday, June 29, 2015

New House

A little picture of some textures that are starting to come together. I need some hardware on the door, and I need to (maybe) invent some window panes or shutters, but this may serve as the base for another type of house. The layout on the page is like this - you reverse score the middle and glue the two untextured bits together. The rectangles are cut away, leaving a little slot into which floor/wall/roof pieces can be inserted. I might need to trim the interior a little bit on the sides so that the whole thing can still fold relatively flat. Not sure how well that will work.

I'm not altogether displeased with the textures, though I need to add a little more grunge to things. I'm thinking of going with a tile roof.

Here's a simple picture of what this might go to. I'm thinking of making a couple modular bits that can have removable roofs. Maybe they'll clip together, or not. Not sure. I want them to all have some form of playable interior, so the roof bits will come off easily, and the multi-floor pieces will separate. Making a version with no interior, or making a static build version should be straight-forward enough.

I'm going to try to make two different styles - one with wonky wood frames and beat up windows, and one with nicer details. I've got a couple other buildings to lay out as well:

They'll all share similar textures. I'm only finding time here and there to work on this, so it's slow going, but it's going none-the-less!