Sunday, July 26, 2015

Progress report

I've been able to make some progress! Test builds of the "small house" and the "long house" are done, and they are packaged up and ready to go on DriveThruRPG. I'm not going to make the sets public until the next two are done. I am glad I did another round of test builds - found a minor issue with one of the layers being a little misplaced. I may tweak it a little more - I realize I don't have any score marks on the chimney, and one of the cut marks is a little hard to make out. But, they're ready to go!

So, on to what I've been calling the 'manor house'. It's actually not all that large, so I might back off and call it a 'two-story house' instead. I might do a true manor house in set #2, as the 'big' structure of that set. But... must focus...

The two-story house will be big enough. Then, onto the tower.

1 comment:

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