Thursday, March 3, 2016

Experiment pics

Fine. Pics or it didn't happen. Here are some pics of the slip-the-tab-under-the-tile experiment:


  1. Very cool. Those pics really help to clarify your design. And I really like where you've gone with it.

    Do the tabs stick up inside the posts higher than TLX anchors do?
    Am I correct that you aren't actually scoring those tabs?
    The slots that you cut in the floors for the tabs--are those only cut in the paper wrapper or do you have to cut into the foamcore as well?
    Do you have to insert those tabs BEFORE you put 2 floor pieces together with traditional TLX-style tabs?

    1. I'm not sure if the tabs are longer. I designed them fresh using silhouette studio. They do work fine with TLX posts though.

      The slots are only in the cardstock. No extra foam core cutting. ONLY glue the tabs under the tile, don't glue the tile face to the foam core.

      You do have to insert all the tabs before putting the tiles together, which kinda sucks.

    2. Interesting. Sucks about having to insert the tabs before putting tiles together, but there's always some caveats with every system. I like what you've accomplished with this.